Women's Pelvic Health

Edgerton Hospital’s physical therapy department is pleased to offer a range of diagnostic testing and treatment plans to address the following symptoms:

  • Pelvic pain
  • Urinary symptoms (accidental loss of urine, feeling unable to fully empty the bladder, frequent feeling of need to urinate, frequent night-time urination, pain or burning with urination, difficulty stopping/starting the urine stream)
  • Feeling of increased pelvic pressure or the sensation of pelvic organs slipping down or falling out
  • Bowel symptoms (accidental loss of bowel control, feeling unable to completely empty the bowel, straining or pain with bowel movements, difficulty initiating a bowel movement)
  • Pain or discomfort with sexual activity or intercourse

Pelvic Health PT for Pregnancy and Postpartum Clients:

  • Guidance and preparation for labor and birth
  • Management and relief of pregnancy-related pain including symptoms of sciatica, low back pain, hip pain, pelvic girdle pain including tail bone and at pubic symphysis, and nerve pain from pelvic neuralgias
  • Education about nursing and lifting postures, use of maternal supports, etc. that can help protect the back and shoulders, along with education about proper breathing techniques.
  • Therapeutic interventions that help to restore abdominal separation (Diastasis recti)
  • Highly specialized manual soft tissue release therapy to help to restore functioning of the core muscles including pelvic floor muscles (with use of internal exam as needed in postpartum clientele after 6-8 weeks of delivery)
  • Pelvic floor and abdominal exercises designed specifically to improve strength and function
  • Caesarean and Vaginal delivery scar tissue release and restoration with hands-on technique that helps with circulation, collagen restoration, and smoothening of scar
  • Pelvic organ prolapse prevention and/or treatment

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