Learn how you can speak with a provider from the comfort of your home!

In response to the COVID-19 situation, the Edgerton Hospital Milton Clinic is pleased to offer our patients the opportunity to schedule an appointment with a provider, remotely, either via telephone or a video meeting. If your condition is not urgent and you feel more comfortable seeking medical advice without leaving home, this new telehealth service may be right for you.  To learn more or to determine if a telehealth appointment would meet your needs, please call the clinic at 608-868-3526.

More Details:

Billing – These appointments are billed through insurance just like a typical appointment would be.  For coverage questions, please call your insurance company.  For information on charges, please contact the Edgerton Hospital Billing Department at 608-884-1666. 

What types of conditions would be appropriate for a telehealth visit?

Applicable services may include:  Anxiety, depression, mental health concerns, urinary/genital concerns, rash, pink eye, GI concerns, musculoskeletal concerns, and COVID-19 questions or concerns.