Edgerton Hospital Encourages Patients to address all Health Concerns during COVID-19 

While the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the way that hospitals nationwide are serving patients, the team at Edgerton Hospital remains committed to providing quality care to our communities. The emergency and urgent care departments are fully functioning and staffed by professionals who can safely address any urgent healthcare concern. Anyone experiencing symptoms of a heart attack, stroke, or other medical event, should go to an emergency department immediately or call 911.

In addition, the team at Edgerton Hospital realizes that many patients have had to postpone certain appointments and procedures which were deemed as non-urgent. These postponements were done strictly for the health and safety of our patients, but it is understood that these postponements cannot continue indefinitely. As we navigate through this health crisis, we are pleased to announce that we can safely begin rescheduling and seeing patients for the following:

Patients who are in need of scheduling an appointment can call 608-561-6614. For primary care, the Milton Clinic staff can be reached directly at 608-868-3526.

We are still very far from returning to business as usual. Requirements for social distancing, self-monitoring and PPE conservation remain in place and are not expected to change in the coming days. While the COVID-19 response will continue, Edgerton Hospital is following strict protocol in order to ensure safe practices.

 Services to Reopen