Edgerton Hospital adds New Service Line – Ear, Nose & Throat

Edgerton Hospital is pleased to announce the addition of ear, nose and throat services to its continuum of care.  Dr. A. Danny Yaish, ear, nose, throat and sleep medicine specialist, along with Aaron Yohann, PA-C, will hold clinic hours at Edgerton Hospital the first and third Monday of each month, as well as the second Wednesday of the month.  Patients can be seen for both outpatient procedures as well as surgeries.

Allergies, sinus conditions, hearing loss, ear tubes, tonsils, snoring and sleep problems are a few of the common conditions treated by ear, nose and throat surgical specialists. In addition, Edgerton Hospital’s new providers will bring an innovative solution to sinus patients suffering from chronic sinusitis, one of the most common chronic health problems in the United States. They use Balloon Sinuplasty, which is an innovative outpatient procedure offering sinusitis patients immediate relief from facial pain or pressure, headaches, congestion, difficulty breathing and many other symptoms associated with this chronic problem. The minimally invasive procedure provides reduced bleeding and discomfort for patients and a faster recovery time in as little as 24 hours.

 Dr. Yaish has been a practicing ENT physician for the past 17 years. Upon receiving his medical degree from Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2003, Dr. Yaish completed internships in internal medicine, otolaryngology and facial plastic surgery at the Mt. Clemens Regional Medical Center in Michigan. In addition to Edgerton, he also practices in Beaver Dam and is board certified in otolaryngology, sleep medicine, and facial plastic surgery.

 Aaron Yohann, PA-C received his bachelor of science- human biology/premed degree from Michigan State University in 2003, then completed the physician assistant program at Midwestern University in Downers Grove, IL in 2007. Aaron has been practicing medicine for the past 12 years, including working closely with Dr. Yaish in Beaver Dam.

 Appointments with Dr. Yaish and Aaron Yohann, PA-C can be made by calling 608-561-6614.