Edgerton Hospital Increases Access to Care

New Emergency Sign Installed Near Entrance

In order to allow patients easier access to its Emergency Department, Edgerton Hospital and Health Services has installed a new lighted sign located directly at the entrance to its emergency parking lot, 11101 N. Sherman Rd., Edgerton. The sign is visible from both directions, and will help to alleviate any patient confusion, especially during times of high stress.   

Edgerton Hospital CEO, Marc Augsburger, MBA, BSN, says that patient safety and satisfaction always drives decisions within the organization. “After realizing the number of patients who were driving past the emergency entrance, especially at night, we made the decision to install this new lighted sign to improve our patients’ experiences. When emergency care is needed, access should be smooth and seamless,” said Augsburger.

Edgerton Hospital’s Emergency Department is open 24/7 and is staffed by board certified physicians.