Edgerton Hospital Foundation Receives Grant to Combat Childhood Obesity

 On Monday, December 19, the Edgerton Hospital Foundation happily accepted a $2,000 grant from the Edgerton Community Funds Fall 2022 Grant Cycle of the Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin, Inc. This grant will help to support an Edgerton Hospital-led “Fitness Zone” at the local elementary schools, with the goal of encouraging physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. Addressing obesity within the community is one of the goals outlined in the hospital’s Community Health Needs Assessment, and this grant will help to make progress towards that initiative.

 Funds from this grant will allow Edgerton Hospital staff to purchase exercise and gaming equipment for use during elementary school recesses. Lisa Rebman, Community Education Manager at Edgerton Hospital, says that making exercise fun encourages participation. “Beginning this Spring, I’ll be kicking off the Edgerton Hospital Fitness Zone during the elementary recesses. I’ll be coordinating fun activities to get the kids moving. The goal is to create an experience that the kids enjoy and look forward to, something that makes them want to be active, and stay active,” said Rebman.

From left, Catherine Idzerda, Edgerton Hospital Grant Coordinator, Edgerton Community Fund Board Members Ramona Flanagan and Shellie Yahnke, and Lisa Rebman, Edgerton Hospital Community Education Manager.