Edgerton Hospital Uses Innovative Technology for a New Level of Clean

 Edgerton Hospital’s dedication to the overall health and well-being of their patients is an ongoing commitment. In early July, the hospital administration took this commitment to the next level by purchasing and installing two new, innovative tools to combat the spread of germs. The MoonBeam™3 is a state-of-the-art disinfection device that uses UV-C waves to kill pathogens and organisms on highly touched surfaces like patient bed areas, bathrooms, fixtures, work stations, and other areas.  This powerful disinfecting system, which is used in conjunction with regular cleaning processes, can be done in as little as three minutes. The device kills a variety of bacteria that cause infectious disease, including C DIFF, MRSA, and COVID-19.

With the addition of this new technology, patients can feel even more at ease while visiting the hospital, notes Jim Schultz, Edgerton Hospital CEO.  “The health and safety of our patients and staff continues to be our number one priority,” says Schultz. “We have always had a very stringent cleaning protocol, but with COVID-19 spreading through our communities, we wanted to be proactive in our facility and add another, more advanced, level of disinfection.”

Highly trafficked and touched areas at Edgerton Hospital will continue to be cleaned manually with hospital-grade disinfectant by the environmental services team, with the MoonBeam™3 ensuring that all pathogens and organisms are eliminated. The units can be used in between patient discharges on the medical/surgical floor, and also during “end of day” cleaning of the surgical area, emergency department, and various spaces throughout the hospital.

“We see this ultraviolet technology as an extra precaution,” says Andrea McSherry, RN, CIC, Director of Quality, Risk, and Infection Prevention at Edgerton Hospital. “Our infection rate at Edgerton Hospital is extremely low, and the MoonBeam technology will help to ensure that continues, especially as we navigate through the pandemic.” McSherry says that staff are currently in the training phase, and the new technology should be in full swing by the end of July.

In addition to the MoonBeam™3 technology, Edgerton Hospital has installed a special filtering system in the HVAC ducts that will filter out 99.99% of all bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19, that may be airborne. And, everyone who enters the facility is screened for symptoms and asked to wear a facial covering.

How does the MoonBeam™3 work?

The MoonBeam™3 has three individually-adjustable arms that can be positioned at almost any angle. Each arm emits UV-C rays in order to eliminate organisms and pathogens at a distance of 11 feet with a width of seven feet. 

This broad umbrella of intense UV-C light cleans surfaces and equipment in just three minutes.

This technology is fume-free and chemical-free, which allows staff less exposure to the harmful chemical typically used to fight resistant pathogens and organisms. The UV-C rays cannot penetrate glass, and the motion sensor ensures that those using the machine and others are not exposed to the rays. The units are light weight and can easily be transported around the hospital.

For more information on the ways that Edgerton Hospital is remaining a safe healthcare option for its patients, click HERE.