Planned Giving

A gift through your estate plan to the Edgerton Hospital Capital Foundation is a meaningful way to ensure that the hospital is able to fulfill their missions. Edgerton Hospital Capital Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization under IRS rules sec. 501(c)(3).

Planned giving options provide planning strategies and flexibility that may minimize tax implications:

  • Reduce your income taxes
  • Avoid capital-gain tax
  • Increase your spendable income
  • Retain payments for life

Gifts of Cash or Assets

The simplest way to support the Foundation is through cash gifts.  However, you may also want to consider gifts of stocks, bonds and property (real estate & personal property). 

Gifts by Bequests

In a Will or Trust, you can identify specific gifts to be given.  In addition to supporting the Foundation, your gift also reduces estate taxes by the full amount of the gift.  You may wish to designate the use of your gift for any project or program. 

Charitable Remainder Trust

A  Charitable Remainder Trust is a gift to the Foundation with a retained benefit, i.e. it pays income to you (the donor) or your heirs for a specific period of time (maximum of 20 years or a lifetime).  At the termination of the Trust, the remainder is retained by the Foundation.  For you, the donor, this type of agreement saves income, estate and capital gains taxes.  Even if property has not appreciated, you can transfer it to a specially designed charitable trust and receive the income from the trust for your life and the life of a surviving beneficiary.  An income tax charitable deduction, avoidance of capital gains tax on future appreciation is readily available.

Charitable Lead Trust

This trust, in the form of principal from an individual, is invested by the Foundation for a specific number of years, during which the earnings are donated to the Foundation.  However, the donor is obligated to pay income tax on the earnings received by the Foundation as the donor has made an “incomplete” gift, i.e. a “retained benefit.”  At the termination of the trust period, the principal reverts to the donor or other individual of the donor’s choosing.

Retained Life Estate

You can transfer your personal residence or farm to a charitable organization and retain the right to occupy the property until death.  This type of arrangement qualifies for an income tax charitable deduction.

Thrivent Financial Choice Program

The Thrivent Financial Choice program lets eligible members recommend where some of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans' charitable outreach funds go by directing Choice Dollars. For more information visit Thrivent Financial .

Lockwood Legacy Society

Lockwood Legacy Society is named after Edith Lockwood who founded Edgerton’s first hospital and had a strong commitment to neighbor caring for neighbor.  This exclusive society is part of the Foundation to honor and recognize individuals who have named Edgerton Hospital as a beneficiary of their estate plans.

Click here for a brochure about the Lockwood Legacy Society.
Click here for a Lockwood Legacy Society confidential membership form.


Should you choose to include us in your planned giving, here is some information that will be helpful:

Named as:  Edgerton Hospital Capital Foundation

Tax Identification Number:  20-3161048

To designate your contribution:  If you choose to designate your gift, please contact Bonnie Robinson at 608-884-1401.  She will be happy to work with you and/or your advisor.

Thank You! Please let us know when you include us as part of your legacy.  We want to thank you and acknowledge you as a Lockwood Legacy Society member, as well as work with you to ensure your gift accomplishes all that you intended.

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