Short-Term Rehab – Your Nursing Home Alternative

Swing PatientAfter a hospital stay, not everyone has the ability and strength to return to everyday living. That’s why Edgerton Hospital designed its Short-Term Rehab program to facilitate a smooth transition between acute care and returning home, or to other living arrangements. If you need more time to recover from an illness, injury or surgery, our Short-Term Rehab program allows you to do so in a hospital setting. Among the many benefits are access to 24-hour skilled nursing care and a variety of therapies (physical, occupational, speech and cardiac), all in one location.

What you need to know about Short-Term Rehab care:

This program generally qualifies for Medicare coverage with the following specific conditions:

  • Your inpatient rehab care must be related to an acute hospital stay
  • You must need skilled nursing or skilled rehabilitative services on a daily basis, and must be complex enough that services must be performed by or under the supervision of professional or technical personnel.
  • You must have had a three day qualifying stay in an acute care setting in the past 30 days.
  • The average length of inpatient rehab care varies based on need.
  • Even if you have surgery or were hospitalized elsewhere, you can transfer from that facility following discharge to receive short-term rehabilitation care close to home at Edgerton Hospital.

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Rehab Team

Our rehab team brings to the table decades of experience. The best physical, occupational and speech therapists will be on your team helping you to get stronger!

To find out if Short-Term Rehab (a.k.a "Swing Bed") is right for you or your loved one, or to make a referral, contact Nancy Johnson or Linda Bruss:

Phone: 608-884-1490
Fax: 608-884-1591


How to Make a Referral:

Call Patient & Family Services: Nancy Johnson or Linda Bruss at 608 884-1490
Fax: 608 884-1591, be sure to include:

  • Face sheet
  • History and physical
  • Therapy notes
  • Current medication list
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"The staff, and I don't just mean the nurses – the rehab team, aides, house keepers, cooks – have all been unbelievable. They know me, care about me and are willing to take the extra time needed to make sure that I'm working at my own pace, but yet making progress. At Edgerton Hospital – it's not what they do, it’s how they do it. Not only do you receive the BEST CARE, but you acquire TRUE FRIENDS along the way. This hospital is small, efficient, professional and worth the trip!"

– Phyllis, Janesville
(Shown at left, with Cheri Schremp, RN and Angie Moll, OT)

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